Guarantee and Terms:

Product Guarantee:

East Side Collars will guarantee all products for 1 year from date of purchase. If a rivet or piece of hardware falls off or is faulty it will be replaced. All instances of repair or replacement are limited to normal and reasonable use.   Extenuating circumstances should be discussed with Lori Nieckarz…designer and owner.

  • All Products should be checked prior to use for damage or excessive wear *keep in mind they are not indestructible but are for proper everyday use
  • Normal use of our gear includes regular walks or jogs, typical dog play in a yard or park, daily wear around the house…
  • East Side Collars reserves the right to make amendments to these terms at any time

Returns or Exchanges:

There are no refunds or exchanges without owner’s prior consent and all situations are individually reviewed… photo documentation may be required to determine instances in each case. Any misuse/abuse of East Side Collar’s Product Line will not be covered. Instances of misuse or abuse of products may include but are not limited to: excessive chewing on the leather products, dog tied out on a run or tree etc. non-animal usage…

Custom Products:

Any item customized by owner is NON-REFUNABLE, NON-RETURNABLE, AND NON-EXCHANGABLE. Our items are customizable and take extensive time and materials to craft.

This includes all incorrect ordering or customer errors (such as mis-measurement or wrong item ordered)

Each piece is made according to your specifications and hard crafted to capture each dog’s individuality and spirit. **Please keep in mind that measurement is KEY and must be done accurately and according to our recommendations.

  • Individuals are responsible for determining if the products crafted at East Side Collars are appropriate for their animals and individual circumstances


All products are shipped at the purchaser’s expense unless approved by East Side Collars. This includes items sent in for repairs.

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time for all products


Care for East Side Products:


All our leather hides are conditioned during the tanning process. They are stuffed with lots of nature’s treasurers for a strong tensile strength but soft touch to the finish. I also condition them during handcrafting. At times when collars are wet with rain or snow it is recommended that they are reconditioned as needed (typically monthly). Wet products should be allowed to dry completely before reconditioning.

  • Bick 4 is a product I recommend for all my leather products ordered. It conditions, cleans, polishes, and acts as a stain repellant. It also does not change the color of the leathers used (ex: doesn’t darken a lighter shade leather collar)

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