You may use a string but of course, a cloth measuring tape is always the best.

Measure your dogs neck in the center of the neck, not too close to the ears or too close to the shoulders (these mistakes will result in a collar that is slightly too small or too big). Measurements should be taken where the collar would typically sit. Do not leave extra slack around the neck (for example: do not measure around your dog’s extra neck skin or flaps or put your fingers in with the measurement). For longer-haired dogs, make sure you measure as close to the skin as you can get to ensure a proper fit.

If you use a string, lay the piece of measured string flat next to a traditional tape measure, ruler, or yard stick. I’ll work with this number.

For Martingale Collar sizing:

When measuring for Martingale Collars it   is key to remember the actual collar needs to slip over your dog’s head as there is no buckle.

For this collar you will need both the measurement for a typical collar (around the dog’s neck) and also a measurement for the widest part of your dogs head. To do this measurement use the cloth tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of the head, just in front of the ears and around underneath their chin.

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